Baglio della Luna

Vincenzo & Federica

Vincenzo e Federica: Baglio della Luna wedding, Palermo
A totally handmade wedding, created in every detail thanks to the aesthetic sensibility of two talented spouses: Federica and Vincenzo, an architect and a graphic designer. Being the photographer of such an original wedding, so full of creativity, has filled my eyes and  my heart: extra-large paper flowers for the bridesmaids, dinner in a winter garden, wonderful flowers and foliage to cover every detail of this bothanical theme marriage, all immersed in the green and luxuriant setting of the Baglio della Luna. Federica e Vincenzo got married in the Church of Santa Maria della Catena. For the couple session we had a walk in the UNESCO Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti, the spearhead of the Arab-Norman path of Palermo.