Wedding Photography Service


Here you can find the questions that are often asked me about the wedding photography service. For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me on the contact page.

How can you define your photographic style? 
My style is wedding photojournalism, with a small integration of creative photography (portrait, coulple photo sessions), which is not based on static, plastic and unnatural poses. What I create is a natural and spontaneous story of the day, which includes not only the couple, but all those who are part of the day.

Where can we see reviews about you?
You can read them here.

I would also like to have some portraits, but I’m not photogenic! 
Photogenia is predominantly a psychological matter: embarrassment often makes a person not very photogenic. I always tell my spouses that photogenia is my problem, and it must be solved through the right approach, making sure you remain yourselves, as natural and beautiful as you are every day. My goal is to understand you in the best way possible.

Do you also take group or family photos?
Of course: but I prefer a shot more “emotional”. Photojournalistic style does not guarantee the presence in the photos of all the guests, so tell me first if there is someone you don’t want to miss in the photographs. For group photos, I will not say no, but I invite you not to ask too many: you would not enjoy the events, block my creativity and, above all, you’ve already done hundreds with smartphones, tablets and cameras!

How can we get to know each other?
Many of my clients live all around the world. No problem! We can get to know each other in videocall on skype or just by phone and manage everything in an easy way.

In which areas do you work?
I shot weddings all over Italy and abroad. In the last year I have made wedding photo shoots in many wonderful places including Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Naples, Switzerland, etc. Of course, any travel costs (transport, board and lodging) and a possible commitment of several days (and therefore a loss of other jobs) can affect costs.

Will you be the one to photograph our wedding?
My studio has a team of photographers and we work on a maximum of 2 weddings per day. We all have the same style and approach and concentrate on each event making it unique and perfect. I personally take care of editing and post production of the photographs.

How do I book the date? 
The date can be booked with the payment of the deposit and the signing of a contract.

What are the costs of your wedding photo shoot? 
My quote are very personalized. Write me describing your needs and I will give you a detailed quote.

What does your service include?
The basic service includes a photographic coverage up to 12h and the delivery of a minimum of 600 digital photographs, all postproduced and in high resolution (on pendrive or delivered with digital download). I could be add travel costs, particular extensions of working hours and other variables. It is possible to add one or more albums, whose costs depend on the size and model. In case you want to make an album I will provide you with a private web gallery that will allow you to choose your favorite pictures. You can see some of my albums here.

How long will I wait to see digital photos? 
The photos in digital format are ready in about 120 days from the date of the ceremony (particularly “hot” periods could make it slip forward).

How many digital photos do you deliver?
The number of photographs selected for the delivery depends a lot on the duration of the event and on what happens during your event. I deliver an average of 600 photographs.

Do you retouching expression lines, skin problems, crooked noses, dental problems, excess weight, etc …?
The post-production that I do on the selected images does not include aesthetic photo-retouching, as what I realize is not a fashion shooting but a wedding reportage.  Aesthetic retouch can be made upon request at an additional cost.

In your photographs we see a lot of emotions and interactions between the subjects, a lot of things happen, people are happy, they smile, they dance, they hug each other, they get excited and have fun. Are you good at catching these moments or are really really fun and exciting weddings?
I am a documentary photographer and I do not force events. The photographic reportage is closely linked to what happens, the skill of the photographer is to anticipate the action and capture it. If nobody dances and you have dreamed of a dancing party, if no one hugs you and kisses you and you have dreamed of a wedding full of emotions, if during the ceremony you always have your head down and have dreamed pictures rich in looks of complicity, I certainly can not give you a story like the ones you saw on my website.

Can we send you a list of photos that we would like you to take during our wedding day?
I do not work this way. In order to express my creativity I do not need directions, I would not be able to work serenely. However, if you have specific requests for group photos with friends and relatives, I will be happy to realize them, this could be useful if you want to be sure that all important people appear in at least one photograph.

How many will you be at the wedding? 
We always work in pairs, to collect more situations and details and enrich the story of your wedding. If you also want the video service, one or two videographers will be in my team.

Do you also take care of the video service? 
For your wedding video,  I work with professional videographers. You can also hire an independent video studio, as long as the operators are professionals and no more than two.

Do we have to provide for your meals?
Yes thanks! We request a table with a hot meal.